Mission and Values

Our mission

At ChairPro, we appreciate the long lasting relationships with our clients and employees. The team does not care to meet the needs of our clients in order to make them partners in the long term. We also adhere to the highest start-ups of client service, as we constantly strive to build on our knowledge and methods of work. This is only one way of exceeding expectations.

ChairPro started in response to the growing need on the Bulgarian market by high-quality furniture distributors, who at the same time have the capacity to offer and provide excellent service. ChairPro strives to be a leading furniture supplier, excelling in a wide range of products. All projects that we build are based on a combination of unique design and a healthy working environment.

Our employees are our most valuable asset

Attracting new talent as our staff and retaining employees is at the heart of our policy. At ChairPro, we know that employees are the best assets, and I strive to create a job that supports their creativity and professional development. The increase we have here from the very beginning and leave with us over the years because of the excellent working atmosphere and friendly relations in the office.